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Woman’s Day article, September 2012 issue

The Woman's Day article September 2013
The Woman’s Day article
September 2013
Will and op! Catch the nautical theme....Turks head knots and St James stripes
Will and me…photo op! Catch the nautical theme….Turks head knots and St James stripes

Behind the scenes….

The Kitchen- behind the scenes
The Kitchen- behind the scenes
The Bathroom- behind the scenes...hiding all kinds of, tool kits, vacuum, steamer
The Bathroom- behind the scenes…hiding all kinds of things…flowers, tool kits, vacuum, steamer

New Chapters, New Beginnings and a feature article in Woman’s Day Magazine. How is that for starters?

Affordable housing on Martha's Vineyard?
Affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard?
The kitchen
The kitchen in the beginning stages


Not everyone gets to start a whole new chapter in life, but I did! Getting married to Will meant blending our lives. It meant leaving my home of the past 20 plus years on the Connecticut coastline and moving to the Berkshires. It meant sliding our quest for a summer beach house on Martha’s Vineyard to the back burner while we figured our daily living arrangements.  It meant mingling, or should I say shoe horning, the contents of our dramatically different households into a small apartment.


As chance would have it, I was well prepared for the move to Will’s loft. I had already sold my house in Connecticut before Will proposed and was renting my friend Jerry’s cozy, charming cottage in the Silvermine area of Norwalk, CT.  One bedroom, pastoral view, and a fireplace- Jerry even included the services of his housekeeper. It could not have been a more tranquil transition from my former home of 20 plus years. In the process of packing up the house some of my belongings had either been parceled out to my three children or recycled at the town’s upscale refuse and disposal recycling center, better known as “the dump” . The rest of my furniture and belongings had been packed up in boxes and stored away in a ritzy self-storage unit close by.

In anticipation of my move into his apartment , Will threw himself into a rapid-fire renovation of his one bedroom loft to make it “bride friendly”. I moved in the beginning of May, once the loft was freshly painted and floors were refinished and embarked on helping Will redesign the kitchen space.

The decorating challenge that evolved of blending our lives into a small apartment caught the eye of Annie Selke and became a feature story in Woman’s Day Magazine. Go figure!