The beginning of the story and why the blog

We were looking for a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard— preferably one with a water view. Instead, we found ourselves bidding on not just one, but two houses situated on an acre or so in the Berkshires. At least there is  a water view…. This is a story of how we stumbled upon it, and all the next chapters to come.

9 thoughts on “The beginning of the story and why the blog”

  1. Hi, I grew up in this house! My parents moved in 1972 and left after their divorce in 1996ish. I have driven past it many times over the years and every time would feel sad to see the house so neglected and unloved. It is a very special place and it’s wonderful to see that finally it has some owners who are doing the necessary restoration work. I live in Seattle now but will be watching your progress via the blog with great interest. Well done, thank you!!
    Tara Conklin

  2. Hi,
    I tried to comment earlier from my phone but I don’t think it posted. Anyhow – I grew up in this house! We lived here from 1972 – 1995(?) ish when my parents divorced. I have driven past it many times over the years and always felt sad to see it looking so neglected and run-down. It’s wonderful that you are putting so much thought and energy into the restoration! Thank you! It’s a very special place, as you well know by now. Good luck! I live in Seattle now but will be checking your progress with interest.
    all the best,
    Tara Conklin

    1. Hi Tara
      Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I was out of town and then got caught up in the holidays etc.
      I am delighted you are reading the blog. When we demolished part of the upstairs we found 2 x 4 studs in the back bedroom space with had writing on it- something to the effect of “this is my new bedroom” signed in 1986- was this your message? I will see if I have a photo of it somewhere.
      Please stay in touch- I am flattered that you find this blog interesting. When you are ever back in the area please come by for a look.


  3. I lived in the red house for about 26years. My wife and I bought it in the early 70’s. We raised 3 daughters there. I always loved the house, cottage and property. I know every inch. However, you are discovering some things I was not aware of, like the wallpaper. Overall, I think you are doing a great job. You seem to appreciate the historical significance. We should meet sometime. I now live in Ashfield, Ma. My phone # is 413-628-4452. Jay

    1. Hi Jay
      Thanks for your interest in the blog. Its such a project, often overwhelming at times. I have been interested in getting in touch with the Conklin family so learn more about the house when you lived in it. We have found some handwriting on studs upstairs in the rear bedroom, probably signed by one of your daughters- its something along the lines of ” this is my new bedroom” and it is signed dated in 1986. I have asked Tara who also has written me if this was perhaps her handwriting?
      We have made substantial progress on the house and have learned a great deal about its origins from an archeologist believe it or not which I will begin to write about on the blog.
      Please feel free to come and see the house- Will and I would love to meet you.

  4. I would also like to meet you and Will. Perhaps after the Holidays. Feel free to call anytime. Jay

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