Blanketed in snow

Picking up from my last post in August…



Stockbridge  February 2017; bleak, cold and gray.

The sun hasn’t made more than a brief appearance since November and I wonder, will it ever come back? Yesterday, the clouds parted briefly to reveal sun and blue sky and that felt alarmingly unfamiliar. I wanted to put a straw in the sun and gulp it down.

Now snow blankets the new lawn, sparkle-less under these overcast skies. I have lost sight of stonewalls, and the old foundations in the yard. Inches more threaten to fall tomorrow filling in the trails of dogs, coyotes and squirrels and covering the tiny footprints of the birds that hop under the feeder.

What a difference from last summer, when the sun beat down unmercifully on our newly planted grass and the rain never came. Timing is everything.



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