Holidays and Miss Hague!


Grace and Henry and Cooper strolling up Yale Hill on Christmas morning
Grace and Henry and Cooper strolling up Yale Hill on Christmas morning

The red house really is a wonderful place to be in. It is a happy house.  It is full of light and  welcoming energy.  At the end of the day, when Will and I sit down  in front of the fire to catch up on the news,  not one evening goes by without looking at each other and saying,

“Can you believe we live here?” We are indeed so very very fortunate.

It feels good to fill the rooms with friends and family.  I wonder a lot about who lived in the house before us, and if they all felt the same way.

This holiday season we put the red house to the ultimate test and hosted four generations of my family (which happens to span 89 years in age between patriarch and the twins) and everything worked, everything flowed, everything was perfect. Just ask Grace and Henry who figured out how to run in circles around the downstairs, playing peek-a-boo and dissolving us all into gales of laughter.

So yes, a day doesn’t go by when I think I have to get back to posting on the blog- to keep you all updated and to tell you all how all that hard work was worth it.  It is not that I don’t want to, or am no longer interested- I do have a lot to post about- but it is just…. call it Christmas, call it working, call it my new role as airbnb chambermaid…call it too many excuses right?

And then this happened- a comment on my blog that magically appeared and has given me just the reason to start posting again :

I came across your blog about the red house that belonged to Marion Hague. I was doing some research on Marion Hague, who happened to be my great, great aunt. My father, James D. Hague was the last owner of the North Star gold mine in my family. I would love to tell you more about Marion, Eleanor, et al should you be interested.

I couldn’t be more excited about contacting this person, and finding out more about Miss Hague- I have missed writing about her.

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