A prisoner in a state of wordlessness, or what ever happened to that blog?

Affordable housing on Martha's Vineyard?



My blog has become a casualty of the back-to-back renovations of the white cottage and red house we have been working on over the past two plus years. This May, when the temperatures were still so cold and the ground remained frozen several feet below the surface, I stopped posting. I became a prisoner, held captive in a state of wordlessness. It overtook me without a hint of notice. Why?


The harsh weather had slowed down the renovation process of the red house to a snail’s pace, now barely inching towards the finish line. We had hoped to be moved in by April 1st. Mid May, still cold and six weeks later, being granted a Certificate of Occupancy seemed nowhere near in sight. The frozen terrain prohibited the installation of the gas line and water line so our plumber joined the ranks of MIA. The excavators were a “no show” for weeks at a time, leaving huge trenches and mountains of soil in their wake. Our yard looked like a ravaged war zone. Our contractor’s team, still working without any heat source, was exhausted.


As for Will and I …well….

We had been living in the tiny space of the cottage for the past seven months and that intimacy was wearing thin. Peace and privacy? All but thrown out the window. Each morning at 7:00 AM a disharmonious symphony of rumbling heavy machinery, high pitched whining saws, and pounding hammers greeted us. Even the sound of Will’s dog Maxine soundly snoring was enough to make me ricochet off the walls.


Frustration levels were rising all around us.


SO…my blog posts became the first victim of this new wordlessness state of mine. I started to dread scrolling through the daily reels of the photographs I took, documenting the daily progress of the renovation. I was running out of steam. Instead of spending luxurious amounts of time tapping away on my mac top, romancing this renovation on social media and posting new photographs, I withdrew. I bottomed out.

But- thanks to a visit to Newport this month to see my Uncle Jack who said “Gee whiz what ever has become of that marvelous blog of yours?” I am getting some words back.

Stay tuned for a little back tracking, and a little more about being wordless in our social media crazed world.