Choosing a paint color- I can’t, I can’t

“A little paint, a little wall paper and in no time it will be as cute as can be”

 I worked with a realtor in Westport, CT years ago when I was moving from Massachusetts to Fairfield County. She would say this about every house she showed me. Back then, I believed her.

I wonder if she would have said this about our condemned cottage.

While reworking the interior plans and settling on that, I was also under the gun to come up with a color scheme for the house. My dream of reverting to the original cedar shingles on the roof quickly dissolved when I learned the price tag that it came with. Sounds silly, but that meant another choice had to be made in addition to the exterior color- the roof.

Will and I began the selection process; confidant that gray with blue would be the way to go. I am always trying to channel a beach house.


Paint colors- our first, of many passes
Paint colors- our first pass, of what was to become more than many!



And then, I paired them to asphalt shingles and thought I had two pretty decent options. One more brown, the other more black.


Cottage paint and shingle option 2
Cottage paint and shingle option 2




But I didn’t really like the shingles and began to re consider Will’s original idea of a metal roof, which I had gaffed at weeks ago. Suddenly it seemed very cool and I wondered if I could live with something as bold and dramatic as a black cottage and grey roof. I think I lived with that idea for the better part of the week and actually thought I could.

I thought I nailed it with this combination. Gunmetal gray metal roof, black stain, red front door, galvanized metal light fixtures.
I thought I nailed it with this combination. Gunmetal gray metal roof, black stain, red front door, galvanized metal light fixtures.

And then I thought I couldn’t.

I had to keep in mind that we had ordered all the windows in white because in my heart I believed I would have my beach house cottage grey/blue scheme and white would be perfect. Then Lydia, my color expert friend,  told me the windows were the eyes of the house and they should never be so harsh as bright white, but a darker more subtle color to invite the eye in.

Oh boy…


Paint Chips- decisions, decisions
Paint Chips- decisions, decisions




Cottage exterior color choices
Cottage exterior color choices


Too grey- too brown- too blue. And then we asked an outsider for another opinion. When do I ever learn this is not the way to go? We opted to go for Cabot’s semi solid Dune grey as she suggested. Jason’s crew began to stain the boards. I took them out in the daylight and leaned them up against the house so I could see everything in the sun, and the shade and I hated it. Back to ground zero.


The pressure was on- in a moment of complete frustration, and a husband whose bountiful source of patience was suddenly wearing thin- I opted for Cabot’s solid white. Good old boring white, not so boring with a grey metal roof, right? So we were all systems go on that. The exterior trim was painted with a coat of white. The rough cut clear pine siding was painted white on the backside and as it started going up we decided that was all wrong too.


Want to see me make up my mind? I cant. I can’t.

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