And how much is a new foundation???Houston…we have a problem…

Panic had begun to sink in…I reached for the phone to call Tim Lovett.

“ Hello, Tim?”


“Listen, Will and I have been going through Bill Stephen’s building inspection reports, and the results of the water company inspections and…and….well …I think we may be over our heads …unless we can somehow get the price down on our offer.”


I paced myself, continued on, disclosing that we anticipated the expenses we would be facing just to bring both houses up to code could be astronomical, far beyond what we had expected. The cottage, condemned after the barn behind it burned down ten to fifteen years ago, and the red house, barely scotch taped together with jumble of repairs made over the past four, yes four, centuries.


Tim listened. He grasped the scope of the challenges we were facing, and was extremely sympathetic to our love affair with the property. I gave him a dollar figure that I wanted him to present to the seller, a substantial reduction to the agreed upon sale price in our contract. Tim, ever calm and graceful, conferenced in our attorney and began the negotiations.

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